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News live from the Grade 1 Open House!

07 February 2009

The Junior School was a hive of activity last Friday morning when over sixty children from various nursery schools around Mombasa and their parents attended the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa’s Grade One Open House.

Visitors were treated to a performance which illustrated the many attributes of the AKA Learner Profile, prepared and presented by the Junior School’s student council representatives from Grades One to Six.

This was followed by an entertaining fashion show to inform the prospective students about the uniform at AKA,M.

The assembly concluded with the children sharing one of their favourite songs, We Are the Students of Aga Khan.

After the assembly in the Multi-purpose Hall, the visiting children joined the Grade One students back in the classrooms. The students were divided into 5 groups and participated in various activities in the Junior School to explore what a day is like at The Academy. The children enjoyed the computers in the ICT lab, expressed themselves creatively in their visual art session and in the music room, played a variety of mathematical games in the classrooms and relaxed with a story in the library. At the end of the stations, all of the children had an opportunity to play outside on the playground equipment and then finish up with a tasty snack.

Meanwhile, the parents enjoyed informative tours of the campus, led by the Junior School student ambassadors. Parents then met at the lecture theatre for an overview of the Junior School’s unique programme, facilitated by the Principal, Mr. Les Wilkins. Parents were also introduced to the Academy’s Primary Years Programme Coordinator, Ms Catherine Wambua and the Student Support Coordinator, Ms Pamela Ogega, both of whom were able to share what makes The Aga Khan Academy such a special place for families. Perhaps this was best expressed by one parent with two children at The Academy, when she spoke to the guests and shared her reasons for selecting the Aga Khan Academy for her children’s education. "How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to be pioneers in education. Our children will benefit from the efforts to make this first Academy of the network the best school it could be."

This exciting event concluded with all of the visitors enjoying refreshments in the Junior School courtyard where they had an opportunity to speak to some of the Junior School teachers, administrators and parents. It was a morning to remember!

If you were unable to attend the Grade One Open House and would like more information about our programme and admissions testing dates, please contact the Admissions Office: