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News from the Art and Drama Workshop

02 April 2009

On March 21 & 22, Music, Art and Drama students participated in an Art and Drama Workshop, lead by Annelise Della Rosa who has a PhD in Psychology and a degree in Philosophy and author of ‘The Art of Recycling in Kenya.’ The workshop was held largely in the open space of the Academy’s library, which served as a great venue for the drama segment of the workshop. The workshop started with the students practicing simple dramatic expressions to break the ice.

However, after lunch, the students were performing intricate moves as they were now required to wear a mask and yet still be able to express their emotions. The day ended with a discussion among the students leading around the topic of self-expression in school and the challenges of the many masks we wear each day.

The second day began in the Art room, where the students were asked through painting and drawing to express their feelings of the first day about self-expression. The students later had to interpret each others art and explore its meaning. The day concluded with the students performing various parts of a story using the skills they had gained in the previous day about self-exploration and working with each other. Overall, the workshop proved to be a success as it challenged the notions of conformity and encouraged plurality in a group.