Music and dance underneath the Baobab | Aga Khan Academies

Music and dance underneath the Baobab

10 November 2022

On 4 November, the Junior School students held a music and dance recital. From the movement to the rhythm of the beat, to the sweet-sounding vocal capabilities of the students, the recital aimed to feature a variety of students’ talents.

“Music and dance are one of the many forms of expression and exposing the children to this form of art, and the many others, enables them to develop a sense of identity. This in turn develops their confidence and self-esteem, as they grow knowing who they are and what they love.” said Music teacher Ms Muthoni.  as they find out and develop their niche; how and where they fit in. 

Some of the performances, such as the dances, were purely student-led, while others such as the violinists showcased their fruits from peripatetic lessons. In addition to individual performances, the entire Grade 3 class performed Pink Panther on the Boom Whackers and the Grade 5 class performed Shosholoza.

The parents were also in attendance, in order to see their kids’ progress in school and get a better understanding of the art of music and dance in the Junior School. It was a fun afternoon thanks to amazing dancers and musicians.