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Model United Nations

16 April 2008

On Tuesday, March 4, 2008, the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa hosted its 1st Annual Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Model United Nations Conference. Students, ranging from Year 7 to DP2, engaged in a series of captivating debates on topics including: Child Soldiers, Unilateral Economic Sanctions, Climate, Stem Cell Research, Nuclear Energy, Generic Drugs in China, Security Council Expansion and Debt-Relief for Developing Countries.

Charged with representing the interests of various countries, and to take their particular perspectives into account in debates, these teams of students engaged in and learned about the United Nations system, practiced parliamentary debating procedures, and built their leadership, public speaking and writing skills.

All students came well prepared, spoke eloquently and demonstrated great enthusiasm for and knowledge of these difficult topics. Sanna Malik and Shiv Morjaria won the awards for Best Speakers. Imran Khalfan and Zilna Shavdia won the awards for Best Country Representatives. Congratulations to everyone who took part!