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Meet the new Teacher Preparation Programme cohort

31 January 2022

The Teacher Preparation Programme (TPP) is a multi-phase programme designed by the Aga Khan Academies to train outstanding university graduates to teach one or more of the IB programmes at the Academies.

What does the rest of the cohort have to say about their journey?

“I am so impressed by the culture of the Academy. Every member of the community is kind and ready to help, besides their busy schedule. The students are also very self-driven and disciplined. I look forward to identify the needs of my learners and address them using appropriate teaching-learning approaches.”  - Rebecca Mongina

“The Teacher Preparation Programme has given us an opportunity to make connections between knowledge and its practical application in real life. Our approach to learning has been problem-based learning; we explore learning concepts through inquiry and this allows us to establish connections between concepts. I am delighted to be a TPP intern looking forward to being a better teacher.” – John Musyoka

“One thing I appreciate most about the Academy is the support and guidance I have received from both the learners and colleagues towards my growth. I'm excited to help students reach their full potential to the best of my ability and situate learning in students’ lives.” – Lydiah Kemunto.

"I joined the Academy as a fellow in 2019, and later joined the TPP through the Choosing to Teach Institute.  Interacting with great educators and engaging with brilliant and inquisitive students at the Academy has ignited in me a passion for education. I look forward to completing the TPP training and becoming a fully certified IB and TSC educator." – Jackson Ltorisha 

This year, the programme is being co-ordinated for the first time by Fatuma Ismail, who was part of the first TPP cohort at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. 

“Mentoring, guiding, and supporting peers as a TPP coordinator has been an amazing experience for me. This is the best moment in my career as an educator because it has improved my pedagogical abilities and enriched my professional development and leadership, skills.This role has given me an opportunity to work with universities in Kenya and teacher preparation centers internationally,” says Fatuma of her experience so far.

We are excited to have the TPP programme resume in person and will be bringing you more updates from our co-hort in the future.