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Meet Gloria Muthoni, our new Junior School Music teacher

15 October 2022

Gloria Muthoni, or Muthoni as everyone fondly calls her, is joining the Academy as a teacher of music in the Junior School. In her position, she looks forward to growing and developing her experience as an IB teacher and strengthening students’ passion and interest in music. She also wants to help the students be confident with their various musical talents, and other interests.

“The Academy’s mission and vision greatly focuses on leadership. As a music teacher, I aim to establish an environment where all differences can be accepted and appreciated, as well as nurtured into exceptional uniqueness,” said Muthoni. “This confidence in uniqueness will enable the students to stand tall as leaders in their various cultural backgrounds, as well as appreciate other’s lifestyles.”

Muthoni’s favourite thing about the Academy are the students and faculty at large. “Everyone has a very warm reception and are always willing to assist. I also really enjoy the collaborative plannings based on the curriculum requirements,” Muthoni commented. She went on to add “I would like to appreciate the effort that everyone puts into ensuring that the Academy’s school environment meets the students’ best interest. My only hope is that I will be able to bring in new ideas into this already well-established institution.”