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Meet Annia Dear

12 September 2018

The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa welcomed 22 new staff members from around the world to its community for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. Throughout the next few weeks, profiles of the new staff will be shown, introducing who they are and how they want to bring change to the Academy.

Annia Dear, Junior School principal

Annia DearAnnia Dear was born and raised in Australia and is the new Junior School principal. Annia has worked in Australia for 37 years, the United Arab Emirates for two years and Kazakhstan for three years.

As the Junior School principal, Annia said she wants to help students and teachers understand their potential.

“My aim is to continue to work to support the growth and development of both students and teachers [and] to develop their gifts and become the best they can be,” Annia said.

Annia said she wants to collaborate with her colleagues at the Academy to ensure the positive development of the students in the Junior School.

“As one member of the leadership team, I will be working together with my colleagues to provide a stimulating learning environment that fosters a [growing] mindset and a positive attitude to learning,” Annia said. “I’m committed to empowering students with skills to be able to become independent and self-directed learners who see challenges as a new learning opportunity.”

Annia said her favourite experience she has had at the Academy so far occured on the first day of school.

“I’ve enjoyed the vibrancy and unbridled enthusiasm of the [Junior School] students when they arrived at school on the first day, together with the warm welcome I have received from everyone,” Annia said.