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Mathematics workshop for Junior School parents

21 November 2022

On 17 November, the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa’s Junior School organised a workshop for its parents to showcase a new approach to teaching mathematics called “Maths – No Problem!” (MNP), which is an award-winning education programme for mathematics. 

This approach encourages students to strengthen their proficiency in mathematics without resorting to rote learning or memorising/repeating procedures. Research from the creators of MNP reveals that this method for mathematics enables a deeper understanding of mathematics, nurtures a growth mindset and confidence to do mathematics, and students are equipped to solve more advanced problems.  

The purpose of the session at the Academy was to provide an opportunity for parents to gain insight into how the programme is implemented in the classroom, as well as share some ideas on how they can support their children in learning the subject.  

“It was great to know that kids have so many different ways to solve problems and that math can be fun,” said Angela Michaela, a parent of a Grade 2 student at the Academy.  

Primary Years Programme Coordinator Titus Mutemi, who was a part of leading the workshop, said the parents were appreciative of learning about this new approach.  

“The session was a huge success as the parents were very engaged through hands-on activities and had a taste of how the students’ math experiences look like in school,” Titus said.