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MADD Night, an evening of Music, Arts, Dance and Drama

05 April 2022

The entire school was buzzing with excitement leading up to 26 March. It was almost time for the first in-person MADD night since 2020. MADD night is an evening of Music, Art, Dance and Drama and has been an Expressive Arts highlight at the Academy for the last decade. Each year the Expressive Arts department teachers come together and identify a theme for the year which is then released to the students to identify and prepare works, individually or in groups for auditions. Auditions are held, acts are selected, rehearsals are scheduled and the stage is set!

This year’s theme was “The beauty of my world”. “It was a befitting theme considering that the beauty of our world has sometimes been blurred COVID and the far from usual protocols that came along with it,” said Stella Wangu, Music teacher.

Grade 8 student Ojaswini Pandey who was one of the performers had this to say, "my MADD night experience was one of a kind! Not only did I get the opportunity to participate in it, but I also got to support and see other amazing performances too! MADD Night was a night full of excitement and talent!"

From tap dancing and art exhibitions to spoken word, solo and duet singing in a variety of genres, to skits and mimes, this year’s MADD Night was truly a great evening well spent!