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Learning in Year 2 - Beating the distance of 4,874km

15 January 2016

We have begun the journey of forging closer ties to our sister school in Hyderabad, through an exciting skype session with the Year 2 students. As Year 2 in both the schools are exploring physical features of places in their Unit of Inquiry, their teachers have been collaborating since December 2015 to establish ideas in getting the students to enhance their learning on different perspectives, on the different landmarks and geographical features that define both places.

On Wednesday 13th January we had the first skype session for the students to get to know each other better, and start discussing what they have learnt in the unit. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the session and also decided to exchange notes by writing letters to their peers, to share their new understanding. We are definitely privileged to be part of such a network of schools.

Ms. Khona Bhattacharjee, PYP Coordinator