Leadership & Management Course for Head Teachers - 2nd Cohort | Aga Khan Academies

Leadership & Management Course for Head Teachers - 2nd Cohort

30 April 2011

Phase 1 of the second cohort of the leadership and management course has just finished. This cohort had 37 Course Participants amongst them Head teachers from the Mombasa Municipality Schools and the Madrasa School, senior teachers from the Aga Khan Education Service schools and officers form the Education Inspectorate Department.

The group will now embark on Phase 2 which is a field component. In the field component they will be working on action research to address an issues in their school. They will also be holding cluster meetings in their zones and attending monthly input session at the Academy. The field component will give them an opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt during phase 1. Phase 2 covers the school term which runs from May till late July.

Phase 3 will begin early August and it will run for three weeks before they complete 320 hours to earn a Certificate in Education- Educational leadership and management..