Launch of the Dual Language Programme | Aga Khan Academies

Launch of the Dual Language Programme

31 August 2009

There was great excitement on the morning of Monday 24th August as the Year One students embarked on their PYP journey at The Aga Khan Academy. Whether in English or Kiswahili, the students quickly got down to the task at hand and are settling into the routines of their new school and our new dual language programme.

As the Year One parents learned at the Junior School Information Evening, their children have two teachers for our one cohesive curriculum. The Year One students will spend one day with their Kiswahili teacher, Miss Enitta Olang and the next day with their English teacher, Miss Naheeda Karmali. We will be monitoring the implementation of our new programme very closely and have scheduled a number of feedback meetings for our Year One parents throughout the year.

As with all of our students’ parents, if you have a concern, question or comment please use the homework diary to communicate with the School. If you have a general inquiry about dual language learning, please send an email to