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Last Assembly of the School Year

24 June 2009

At the final assembly of the academic year, Head of Academy Peter McMurray, in his end of year address, thanked everyone for their hard work and all the contributions which had made the 2008-09 year so successful. Amongst talented and memorable performances by both Junior and Senior School students, the teachers' choir also sang several traditional Kenyan songs.

The highlight, however, was captured by the words of Jacob Okello, senior School Biology teacher, (pictured left), who is retiring from the Academy after 44 years of service to the teaching profession. Mr Okello asked the students to never forget the value of education and learning. Head of Academy, Peter J Mc Murray, pointed out to the assembled parents, students and teachers, that when Mr Okello started teaching computers did not exist, there were no battery driven watches, and man was still almost a decade away from standing on the moon.

The final song of the assembly was beautifully performed by PYP Coordinator, Catherine Wambua (pictured left), who dedicated to the audience the song, 'There is a hero in you.'

School has now broken up with students returning from their break on Monday August 24th.