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Kenya Music Festival 2014 at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa

21 August 2014

The Aga Khan Academy Choral group, led by Maestro Phillip Mbinji, excelled in the annual Kenya Music Festival held at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa. Not only did the angelic voices of our students serenade the hall drawing wild cheers from adoring fans, they also charmed many with their sheer artistry and unparalleled stage discipline.

Team Aga Khan Academy won a total of six first positions, including star Tulsi Vyash, who was in a class of her own with a stunning oriental dance performance within the Secondary School category.

According to the adjudicators, Tulsi displayed a mastery of the Indian idiom to a fault. Her flawless moves and timely changeover captivated the audience, and as she bowed out, she received a standing ovation. It is no wonder she had the prestigious opportunity to participate in the gala performance!

In the Junior School category, Diya Gohil performed well and displayed her ease and passion for the dance, adding another gold to the Academy’s wins after Tulsi’s two-gold haul.

Desha Radhod and Noorin Pattni were not left behind and also scooped first place in each of their classes of distinction.

The icing on the cake was group Kathak, who emerged as the top of their category with a contemporary dance involving eight committed performers.

Furthermore, Adity Dubey, Ibdita Hatta, Margi Shailesh, Priya Upesh, Niti Pinakil, Mansi Pinakil, Mahima Hariash, Bhumi Ogesh, Smruti Anand joined Gohil, Hatta, Rathod to bring to life the most spectacular Indian dance in the festival’s history.

The Aga Khan Academy achieved second place in an additional six categories, as well as four bronze medals, concluding a dramatic and colourful participation by its students.

This was a particularly unique festival since the Aga Khan Academy hosted the event for the second time in the festival’s 88 years of existence.

“I want to thank the school administration, especially the Head of School Mr. Simon Otieno, for allowing the Government to host the festival, parents, teachers, support staff and students for the support,” said Mr. Mbinji, who forfeited his holiday together with the students to make all this happen.

The gala performance was graced by the presence of Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, who also delivered a talk to the Aga Khan Academy faculty at the Junior School Library, chaired by Mr. Naheed Bardai, Head of Senior School.


Submitted by Philip Agutu