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Keeping fit at home

16 June 2020

The Physical Health Education (PHE) department has been encouraging students to work up a sweat at home to ensure that physical education is ongoing while students are away from the school amidst the current lockdown measures occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While students are at the school, they would typically utilise facilities such as the football pitch, gymnasium, the pool, basketball courts and more to keep in prime shape. To encourage students to continue to be physically active, teachers have challenged them to be creative with at-home workouts. 

Students have been tasked with creating flexible workout programmes that would have them undertake physical activities at home while conveying the same to their coaches who monitor the activities undertaken and the progress made. Students send in recorded videos of themselves working out and also attend live workout sessions on Zoom with their coaches. Swimming and other activities that require resources are also encouraged where the resources are available. 

“We are focusing on having students develop their fitness by concentrating on different components of fitness like cardio, core and muscular strength and endurance,” said the head of PHE Jane Warutere. “The main concept is to see the change they can make while training at home with a different focus given per lesson across all grades.”

The goal behind physical education is to ensure students are at the best of their health by engaging in fun out-of-class activities. PHE at home ensures that students continue to be active and at the best of their physical health.

Here's a video of Year 8 student Yanna Mbugua in one of her workout sessions: