Junior School students celebrate Space Day | Aga Khan Academies

Junior School students celebrate Space Day

11 October 2021

Astronauts, aliens and planets made contact and were seen at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa as Junior School students celebrated Space Day on 8 October. As part of World Space Week, an international week observed in over 95 countries in which science and technology and its benefits to society are celebrated and appreciated, JS students and teachers at AKA Mombasa organised a day full of exciting activities that also included a special assembly. 

"We saw Space Day as an opportunity for us to excite students about science and technology," said Vice Principal of Student Support and Well-being for JS Nuala Alibhai.

To celebrate this day a group of students who have a passion for space took charge and organised various activities for JS students. This included a 'Space Day Wall' where JS students could share their knowledge and wonderings about space, and the students got to play a space-themed game called Among Us. All JS students were also asked to dress up as astronauts, aliens or anything related to space for this day. They all got a chance to show off their out-of-this-world costumes during a special assmembly, which also included performances of songs, poems and art from space enthusiast students.

"I like space because you get to float, which is fun," said Grade 4 student Suhaan Budhani.