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Junior School Student Initiated Fund Raising

08 December 2009

The Junior School students care about animals and have initiated a number of activities to support the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) organization. After seeing a number of stray cats near the school, a group of Year 5 students were compelled to find a way to help these creatures. They discussed the problem with their friends and brainstormed possible ways to help the animals, deciding to organize a bake sale to raise money for the KSPCA. The students enlisted the help of the student council and made flyers to advertise their cause and raise awareness. Junior School students were quick to respond, contributing goods to be sold and happy to buy the delicious treats for their break.

The success of this event prompted a group of Year 4 students to offer another bake sale to raise more money for the KSPCA. They too, independently advertised for the sale, arranged for contributions and then sold goods to their fellow students at break time.

The money raised from these two events was combined with KSPCA club’s funds from their activities. Last term this group of thoughtful students held a bake sale and a swim-a-thon to raise awareness of the plight of animals and the difficulties the KSPCA were facing. In all, the Junior School students raised more than 22,800 Kenyan Shillings and were pleased to present Mr Eric Dadu, a KSPCA Inspector, and field officer Mr Timothy Agoi, with this donation at an assembly on Thursday 3rd December.