Junior School hosts mini-Olympics to ring in the new academic year | Aga Khan Academies

Junior School hosts mini-Olympics to ring in the new academic year

17 August 2021

It was a fun-filled Friday afternoon on 13 August 2021 for the Junior School community at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa as they held a mini-Olympics to ring in the new academic year.

Keeping with the spirit of the ongoing Olympic games, students were engaged in a number of sports activities that were both exciting and educative. Spread out across different stations for all year groups, the activities were drawn from the Primary Years Programme curriculum to help them develop fundamental skills and challenge them physically. 

The activities included target games for kids to explore rolling, kicking and throwing to develop accuracy for more complicated games such as javelin, basketball and hockey. “The activities were great. I liked how you set up the obstacle course and it was fun. I want us to do it again!” said Anar Shah, a Grade 2 student. The invasion game and obstacle course race, which involved running around and maneuvering obstacles, allowed for students to improve their balance and coordination as well as learn how to strategise. Other games included high jumps, long jumps and playing around the jungle gym.

"I liked the sports event and my favourite activity was the high jump. It was fun and I enjoyed jumping as high as I can and landing on the mat," said Jayden Kariuki, a Grade 2 student

“This was a power start for the Junior School as the students are looking forward to the next sports event,” said Fridah Gatwiri, the Junior School Physical Education teacher. “The excitement in their eyes was delightful and I’m grateful for my colleagues who made this event a success.”