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Junior School Hosts Fun with Maths Week

03 December 2014

Mathematics and numeracy can sometimes suffer from a tough reputation for being boring, monotonous and only reserved for a handful who “just have the brains” for it, but not at the AKA, Mombasa Junior School! From the 10th to 14th of November, the school held a Maths Fun Week during which students, teachers and parents from all year groups in the Junior School explored how mathematics influences all the different subject areas.

The students explored various mathematical connections over the week, from its application in ICT, to the influences of symmetry and mathematical logic in art. They reinforced various skills, such as the importance of measuring quantitative data correctly, and also enquired further into the application of maths in their everyday lives.

Parents of Junior School students were invited to come in to observe how Mathematics is taught at the Academy, and the overwhelming positive feedback has made room for the potential of other themed weeks running throughout the Junior School year!

The week culminated with the Year 1s and 2s running a maths workshop for their younger peers from the Aga Khan Nursery School. The workshops not only allowed for the sharing of knowledge between these two groups, but also allowed the Year 1s and 2s to confidently develop their leadership and communication skills.

Well done to all the students and teachers who helped make the week a success! It has fostered a lot more curiosity and reflection about the influence of mathematics, both within the classroom and beyond it. We hope to plan for even more Fun with Maths next time!