Junior School Awards Ceremony | Aga Khan Academies

Junior School Awards Ceremony

23 June 2009

On Tuesday June 23rd, with a full Junior School and over one hundred parents in attendance, the end of year awards ceremony was held in the multi-purpose hall of the Academy. The keynote speaker was Head of Academy, Peter J McMurray who gave out the awards certificates to the students from first grade to the sixth grade.

The presentations were complemented by a number of poetry readings and several songs by the Junior School choir, including an impressive version of the Jackson Five classic, ‘I’ll be there.’

Mr Mc Murray, in his address, congratulated three groups of people in the audience: the students themselves, the teachers, whom he praised for their incredible hard work and professional commitment, and finally, to the parents, whom he described as having the hardest task of all. Concluding his remarks, Mr McMurray commented, ‘Parenthood is a challenge with each day filled with love and anxiety, and especially in light of the recent loss of one of our young students, we as parents hug our children all the harder and seek to protect them from the complexities of the world. But together, school and parents can seek to give the children the tools to move into that complex world, and succeed’.

The assembly enjoyed a performance by the teachers’ choir of traditional Kenyan songs and the event ended by a moving duet by the PYP coordinator, Catherine Wambua and Music teacher Kevin Mbugua.