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Journey to Taita Hills

03 July 2009

This summer, from June 29-July 3, 2009, the residential community, accompanied by year 6 students, embarked on a four-night and five-day long trip to Taita Hills, a mountainous area in southeastern Kenya known for its moist forests and unique fauna and flora, including more than 20 species of African violets alone. Joining the 20 students on the expedition were five teachers and an assessor from the President’s Award Programme. The trip was planned to enhance hiking, camping, orienteering and team building skills of the students.

The first day of the students’ journey began with an orienteering lesson on map and compass reading, followed by a trip to the local market to purchase local produce for meals. On day two, the students’ map and compass skills were tested by having them pass through hills, shrubs and trees and arrive at a predetermined check-point several kilometers from their point of origin. On day three, the students’ mental, physical and emotional wherewithal were tested by having them trek for several hours through hills, shallow streams and rainforest.

Finally, on day four, students had reason to celebrate as they were each successful in climbing the highest peak in Coast Province, Mt. Vuria.

The trip turned out to be an outstanding learning experience for all who attended.