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Jadie McDonnell joins the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa

07 September 2014

The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, believes in the continuous growth of its teachers, and the Professional Development Centre (PDC) at the school is entrusted with this responsibility. Since we offer a curriculum that is delivered through an inquiry-based pedagogy, our teachers require special and continuous training.

To ensure that these requirements are met, we have developed a programme called the Teacher Preparation Programme (TPP).  

The PDC would like to welcome Jadie McDonnell, from Canada, who will be working with us to set up the TPP.

Jadie has taught in multi-lingual, international education settings, from Kindergarten to adult learners, for over 10 years. She has an MA in Adult Education and Community Development and Comparative International Development Education, with a research focus on the incorporation of African indigenous knowledge in school curriculum and community-based programmes in Ghana and Nigeria. She has also recently been coordinating medical education and clinical education (problem-based learning) for a large community-based hospital in Toronto, Canada.