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Inventors Fair: East meets West

17 January 2022

On Friday 14 January the Grade 8 students held the Inventors Fair. The Inventors Fair is a celebration to mark the end of the unit “What happens when the east meets west?”, a unit that mainly focuses on the trade, cultures, belief/religious systems, inventions, architecture and significant individuals along the Silk Road. 

Through activities like dance, poems, songs and presentations, the Fair gives students the opportunity to showcase various concepts learned throughout the semester such as inventions and cultural diversity.

“From the detailed presentations to the colourful dance, I felt that the inventions fair was amazing and represented our humanities journey," said Grade 8 student Sarina Alibhai. "Everyone in the Grade 8 class was able to participate and the guest speaker kept the whole audience engaged through her interactive speech. Moreover, I was able to participate in the Silk Road dance. The dance was quite organised and captured the Silk Road well as the dancers were dressed in cultural attire like Indian dressing, Arab dressing, and African dressing. From the dance I was able to learn the way of dance of several cultures like Chinese, Arab, African and Pakistani. As a Grade 8 student I had fun reflecting on the Silk Road unit and enjoyed celebrating this achievement!”