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Introducing Our Student Representative Council (SRC)

15 October 2018

The Academies’ programmes aim to develop students who are ethical, public-minded and who possess a pluralistic outlook. Both curricular and co-curricular activities work to educate effective home-grown leaders who are actively engaged in their local communities and are aware of the implications of their actions. One of the ways in which students get to exercise this leadership in a direct way is by representing their peers' voices through the Student Representative Council (SRC). Students have a chance to campaign for specific positions within their Year Levels and additionally, in year 5 or DP1 for Executive Positions. Please join us in congratulating the following students on their elected positions. We wish them every success in the coming year as they learn how to be "ethical, public-minded and pluralistic" leaders. 

Hard at work during their first meeting

Junior School 

SRC Executive Committee (Year 5)

Presidents: Sarina Alibhai and Ameir Muravvej

Citizenship Representatives: Thea Shah and Lyndon Mwango

Action Representatives: Munira Nassor and Jaison Hira

Expression Representatives: Billan Abdi and Carson Kariuki

Academic Representatives: Ojaswini Pandey and Alvin Sheja

House Representatives (Year 4)

Eagle (Tai)/Yellow: Alexandra Hart and Samier Hamdi

Ravens (Kunguru)/Blue: Harvi Vekariya and Ayman Ladha

Hawk (Mwewe)/Red: Ava Devani and Kian Moolraj

Falcon (Kozi)/Green: Nahal Swaleh and Robert Richards

Class Representatives

Year 1: Ibtisam Hamdi and Harith Muses

Year 2: Shani Magotsi and Ali Gulamhusein

Year 3: Fatimah Kanji and Mahin Patel

Year 4: Manha Khan and Enock Odhiambo

Year 5: Romeo Safari and Aamal Lota.


Planning and team-building at the SRC Retreat

Senior School

SRC Executives

Presidents: Reniish Kanjiyani and Joy Abuto

Academic Rep: Bilal Adamjee

Expression Rep: Osman Mahmud

Citizenship Rep: Lovely Mughalu

Action Rep: Azaan Sayani

Finance and Events Secretary: Eesha Jamal

Dorm Rep: Marco Tiyo

Day Rep: Delilah Tende

House Rep: Anais Shalita


CEO: Muskaan Bhaidan

Human Resource: Anjiya Ali

Marketing and Events Manager: Jordan Ssewakiryanga

Finance Manager: Fardeen Shivji

Procurement Manager: Abbas Alibhai

House Captains

Falcon House Captains: Gabriella Mukisa and Jonathan Ssemuwemba

Eagles House Captains: Anais Shalita and David Solomon

Hawks House Captains: Anoush Alibhai and Joshua Byrauhanga

Ravens House Captains: Natalie Njuguna and Aaryan Ajani

Year-Level Representatives

Year 10:

Academic Rep: Raphael Mwachiti

Action Rep: Omar Mwakuluzo

Citizenship Rep: Namirembe Nnaggenda

Expression Rep: Yolandah Tulina

Year 9:

Academic Rep: Andre Lupembe

Action Rep: Abdulkhan Yusuf

Citizenship Rep: Mwendwa Mule

Expression Rep: Mohammed Abdi

Year 8:

Academic Rep: Zahra Noormohamed

Action Rep: Ethan Telo Olweny

Citizenship Rep: Faith Kasi

Expression Rep: Nadia Ntege

Year 7:

Academic Rep: Sakina Rashid

Action Rep: Joy Mutua

Citizenship Rep: Gabriella Achieng

Expression Rep: Kelly Ashitsa

Year 6:

Academic Rep: Ilhaam Hassanali

Action Rep: Sanaa Gulamhussein

Citizenship Rep: Alyssa Shamji

Expression Rep: Tugi Mwige