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Introducing the new 2021 - 2022 SRC presidents at AKA Mombasa

05 May 2021

AKA Mombasa held presidential elections for the Student Representative Council (SRC) on 26 - 28 April 2021. The peer-elected SRC advocates for the needs and rights of the students and is a platform for individuals to hone their leadership skills. The newly elected presidents, Ayan Charania and Zahra Mamujee in Diploma Programme 1, will lead the council in representing their peers and voicing their challenges. They tell us more about their plans and how they would like to make a difference.

1. Congratulations on winning the SRC presidential race, how do you feel and what does this mean for you?

Ayan: I felt grateful and delighted. Being trusted with the responsibility to make a difference is something I do not take for granted.

Zahra: Elated! This victory is not mine alone, but for the whole student community. I will be their pillar and work with them to address their challenges.

2. What is the first thing you hope to achieve in your positions? What new ideas do you bring to the table?

Ayan and Zahra: We would like to prioritise the well-being of our peers, especially because of how challenging this past year has been owing to the pandemic, and we’re going to work with year-level representatives to make this happen. We also want to set up a lounge area by the Tuck Shop that will serve as a social and creative hub for students thus fostering a positive environment for all.

3. Pluralism is a core value at the Academy. How do you plan to promote diversity within the student body?

Ayan and Zahra: We hope to promote diversity by being inclusive and incorporating the ideas of our fellow students. We will bring them together through activities such as international days, global events, and carnivals that will enable them to express their cultures as well as appreciate the cultures and perspectives of others.

4. How will you work to foster relations between the students and the school administration, and ensure that their voices are heard?

Ayan and Zahra: By establishing an even better link between the students and members of the administration. We will achieve this by encouraging more meetings between the two parties so students can voice their opinions directly to the Senior Leadership Team on issues that affect them.

5. How do you plan to promote the growth of the student body?

Ayan and Zahra: We aspire to promote a sense of togetherness among the students by bridging the gap between younger and older students through interactive and fun activities. We also hope to build upon the current mentorship programme and have tutoring sessions where students can learn from each other.

6. How would you say the Academy has shaped your leadership skills?

Ayan: Since joining the school in Year 7, I have had many experiences that helped me grow as an individual and leader. The AK Strand of pluralism has taught me to understand and respect different perspectives, which has allowed me to better interact and collaborate with others in different pursuits like creativity, activity, service and co-curriculars like basketball. I have also learnt to be open-minded, caring and principled, and I believe this will go a long way in helping me carry out my role as president and future leadership roles.

Zahra: The Academy has afforded me several opportunities to develop as a person. Being part of the Residential and Student Exchange Programmes have taught me to appreciate diversity. The values and skill set I have acquired, such as self-discipline, open mindedness, active listening, and problem solving, will guide me every step of the way in my role as SRC president and the future as well.