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House Music Competition

07 October 2008

The inaugural House Music competition took place on Friday 3rd October. After six weeks of hard work and preparation, the four house teams at AKA,Mombasa performed their routines. Each house had to prepare two pieces. Although there were no strict rules, many of the teams incorporated a variety of styles and approaches to their productions.

The whole of the Senior School gathered in the MPH at S&R time to watch the performances. Parents were welcomed, as were friends of students. With lots of cheering coming from the audience, the participants were all fired up to give their all.

 First to perform was Blue House, with the song ‘Until You’ by Shayne Ward. A popular artist with teenagers today, many of the on-lookers were singing along, with a drum beat, guitar and piano playing in the background. The next performance was a dance routine started off with a rap; a break-dance and a salsa, done to instrumental versions of more well-known songs.

Second in the line was Red House, beginning with a new Top Chart song: ‘Miss Independent’ by Ne-Yo, sang by a string of well-dressed ladies, accompanied by a DP2 taking the mimed role of an actor. The second piece included a very interesting dance, with boys from Year 10 to DP1 hidden behind masks, moving along to sounds from guitars, pianos and drums.

Last but not least, were the Yellow House compositions. Starting off with the third salsa in the competition, a couple of DP2 students danced to a quick-paced rhythm.

Then, with three lead singers and nearly the whole house team taking the background choir role, Yellow House sang ‘Us against the World’ by Shayne Ward. This is another song that had many girls, and a few boys, swaying to the music.

The standard of the performances from all the participating teams were extremely high. Yellow and Green house tied for first place, Blue came third and Red came fourth. The competition would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the schools music teacher, Mr. Otien, who worked tirelessly to advise the participants.