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Headteachers' stakeholders workshop

07 July 2010

On June 30, 2010 thirty-seven head teachers (from a mix of government primary and early childhood Madrasa schools within the Mombasa district) attended a stakeholder meeting which focused on identifying and assessing educational and administrative needs and challenges of head teachers and other education stakeholders. This information is critical in order to input into the upcoming leadership and management course that the Academy is holding for the head teachers commencing August 9. The data from the stakeholders’ workshop will also be used to develop a series of education seminars, as part of the outreach programme that will be delivered by the Aga Khan Academy targeted at teachers and other education stakeholders in the Mombasa district. .

The Head of Academy, Peter McMurray welcomed the participants to the stakeholders’ workshop which was officiated by the Deputy Municipal Education Officer (MEO), Mr Francis Tsuma. In his remarks the deputy MEO reiterated the importance of continuous learning by the Head teachers so as to improve the standards of education in the municipality. He also stressed the importance of public/private partnership and, in this context, encouraged the public schools to work with the Aga Khan Academy. Other government education officers present included the Assistant Municipal Education Officer and a district staffing officer from the Teacher Service Commission. During the session, the head teachers were given the opportunity to share their experiences in school including current academic and administrative practices and challenges and an outline of their own professional development needs.

The stakeholders’ workshop was the first time that a widespread group of head teachers were invited to the Aga Khan Academy premises. The workshop is part of a series of stakeholder sessions that are to be delivered by the Aga Khan Academy for public sector schools.