Head of School Assembly | Aga Khan Academies

Head of School Assembly

25 November 2007

Mr. Peter J. McMurray, Head of Academy, addressed the Academy’s Senior School students and faculty with a very important message in an assembly on the 22nd of November. As the first term nears its end, the Head took this opportunity to emphasize the scope and vision of the Aga Khan Academies project and to reiterate the enormous responsibility they bear as students and staff of this, the very first Academy.

The Academies project, set to span three continents, is unique and truly special, and has a vision and purpose that is powerful and life-changing for generations to come. The Head of Academy thus challenged students and faculty to seize this tremendous opportunity to promote positive change in the world and to rise above the level of common expectations- to feel and act with a strong sense of purpose as part of an ethical mission, a mission too important to be allowed to fail.
“If you fail, we fail. If you fail, the Academies will fail, and this very important vision will not be realized.”