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Hawks Dominate at Senior School Interhouse Lip-Syncing Competition

10 December 2014

We are all familiar with this scenario: music blaring in our bedrooms as we enthusiastically perform in our bedroom mirrors with hairbrush microphones. Lip-syncing to our favourite tunes is an activity that spans generations, and on Friday 5th December, 2014 the AKA, Mombasa’s Senior School turned this mostly private pastime into a House Competition.

The Eagles, Ravens, Falcons and Hawks each put on electrifying performances featuring current chart toppers as well as old school classics. Ed Sheeran’s new hit ‘Thinking Out Loud’ was particularly popular, featuring in the performances of all the Houses except the Falcons! In addition, the acts also reflected the cultural diversity of the students and faculty with all Houses borrowing from Indian, African, and Arabic music as well. The teachers were not about to miss the fun either! Every House involved a few faculty members who performed as enthusiastically as any of their pupils.

House members not on stage put on a show of House spirit in the stands instead as they supported their performers with increasingly creative chants. Before the performances began, Mrs. Heidi Oxley-Whitnell, Vice Principal of Student Life, announced that the Houses were ranked thus for the overall House Championship: Hawks were in fourth place, Falcons were in third, Eagles were in second and the Ravens were at the top. By the end of the Lip-Syncing Competition, the tables had turned completely! The Falcons had slipped down to fourth place and the Eagles similarly went down one spot into third. The Ravens gave up their privileged first place spot and had to settle for the runner-up position as the Hawks rose from the bottom of the table right to the top!

Congratulations to the Hawks on their well-deserved win! And well done to the participants and supporters from the other Houses as well. We look forward to having just as much of a good time next year!