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Grade 7 and 8 students conduct Assembly

26 November 2009

The grade 7 and 8 students conducted this week’s assembly and used it to draw attention to issues that they had discussed in their Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons. They rapped their way into the presentation reciting the following lines:

“The little things people talk and say about PSHE They don’t really know what the topic really means Learning about personal, health and social education If you think about it It will change your whole reputation And you’ll get temptation”

The students had discussed about leadership and had decided that leadership involves influence. The students had been asked to write about one person who they identified with as a leader.

Samara Visram in 7K chose His Highness Karim Aga Khan as the leader she most identified with. She highlighted the qualities that she thought made him an effective leader. Amongst these were his spiritual guidance, his vision, open mindedness, his caring attitude towards everyone especially the poor, his promotion of women to take leading roles and his encouragement to pursue for the best in education. Samara felt that The Aga Khan taught people to be generous, pluralistic (i.e to respect and appreciate all cultures, religions and beliefs) and to lead a balanced life.

Raymond Xian in 7M chose his younger sister because she displayed democratic skills despite being the youngest in the family. In school she portrayed these characteristics by listening to her classmates opinions so she can find out their point of view and she gave instructions to the rest of the class after the teacher has directed them. His sister Shirley has been in the Student Representative Council three times and is hoping to stand for a fourth time. She has organized her time effectively to achieve this as well as taking the piano, sports and studying her schoolwork.

The students then performed some role playing to draw student’s attention to a topic they had been studying recently - puberty and some issues affecting teenagers at this time. The performance by the girls centered on a teenager who disagreed with her parents wishes. The girl had wanted to go to a party with her friends to a time in the morning that was deemed to be unreasonable by the girl’s parents. The girl went against her parent’s wishes and the consequences of this were shown to be extremely serious nine months later. The play showed that there are disagreements between parents and their children during puberty and peer pressure may have some negative impacts on their lives. The second play focused on two groups of young boys who were keen on jogging. One group was aware of their body odour during exercise, but the other group was unaware of this and was mocked by their peers in a friendly way. As a result of this exchange the group changed their behaviours through the wonders of antiperspirants This highlighted the importance of cleanliness and maintaining your health during the teenage years.

Thanks to all the grade 7 and 8 students who participated in this week’s very interesting and enlightening assembly. Once more this showed how talented our students are and how aware they are of issues that affect their lives.