Grade 5 Primary Years Programme exhibition | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 5 Primary Years Programme exhibition

20 May 2022

On the 19 and 20 of May the Grade 5 students held their Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition. The PYP exhibition is the process in which the 5th graders consolidate their primary years of learning through a culminating, in-depth, and collaborative inquiry. They identify and explore their passions or issues of their own interest to gain a deeper understanding and act by offering solutions to real-life problems. Students tackled issues ranging from animal cruelty to decreasing poverty rates in Kenya to implementing creative learning in classrooms to tackling marine pollution.

Ameer Meghji’s focus for the exhibition was marine pollution. “My big question is what are the ways in which we can reduce ocean pollution and the action I am taking is that I do some beach cleanups every weekend and write a petition for people to sign it. The petition asks the Kenyan government to stop international commercial fishing vessels from coming to fish in Kenya because that’s the biggest cause of marine pollution resulting in loss of marine life and coral reefs that are very important to human life,” said Ameer.

The exhibition is a great way to help pupils reflect on all their learning while developing skills in presentation and assessment. It helps students reflect on their PYP learning experiences and acts as a step toward the next part of their educational journey.