Grade 3 students showcase "How we express ourselves" | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 3 students showcase "How we express ourselves"

30 January 2023

The Grade 3 students at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa recently completed their Primary Years Programme (PYP) unit of inquiry, "How we express ourselves", which is an exploration of the ways in which people communicate their ideas, beliefs and emotions through different forms of expression. This unit promotes critical thinking, creativity and inquiry-based learning while encouraging students to develop their communication and collaboration skills.

An important aspect of all the units of inquiry is that they are trans-disciplinary. This means that the unit of inquiry draws on knowledge and skills from a range of subject areas, including language, arts, music and personal, social and physical education (PSPE). Through inquiry-based learning, students investigated how people from different cultures and backgrounds express themselves. They were encouraged to make connections between their own experiences and those of others. "We express our beliefs and values differently. However, some of our traditions and rituals are similar,” said Grade 3 student Adeela Poppe.

During the end of unit assembly, the Grade 3 students showcased what they learnt using music, dance and drama. 

Overall, the "How we express ourselves" unit of inquiry in the PYP provides a rich and diverse learning experience, promoting critical thinking, creativity and cross-cultural understanding.