Grade 10 students celebrate completion of Middle Years Programme | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 10 students celebrate completion of Middle Years Programme

31 May 2022

The Grade 10 students commemorated the end of the Middle Years Programme with a ceremony. During the five-year rigorous programme, students are inspired to understand issues and ideas on multiple levels, locally, nationally, and internationally. 

“Grade 10 was a rollercoaster of emotions from laughter to tears and stress. The best part of year ten for me was celebrating our MYP journey. During the ceremony there were mixed emotions as we got our certificates , said goodbye and signed our shirts with memorable notes from our peers in our cohort. I am very excited for DP1 because we get more new students and meet different people as well as the fact that we will be doing more specific subjects to our interests and our careers,” Naira Gilani, Grade 10

“To the MYP class of 2022, your nickname is 'Machachari', literally meaning restless!  That name really defines you, for you always go for the best-colour, elegance, collaboration, team spirit, resilience, academic achievements among many others. You are vibrant, industrious and a promising group of students. Purpose to continue with the good work you have started wherever you go and in whatever you do,” Henry Nyagah, Hear of Year, Grade 10