Grade 1 students enjoying school | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 1 students enjoying school

18 August 2022

We welcomed a new class of Grade 1 students into our Junior School this August. They are enjoying their classes and reading, singing, dancing, doing math and sports. Some of the students tell us what they enjoy the most.

“I like art because it’s so fun to colour with different colours that are bright.” Kenya Mehta

“I love Grade 1 because we read books. Reading books makes me smart and I enjoy it.” Chaviva Barasa

“I like swimming and playing in the playground. I like doing math.” Jadon Nuccio

“I like music and singing. I like to play the drum and sing and dance.” Haddasah Ngige

“I like math and I like addition the most.” Princess Boston

“I like dancing during music, it’s a lot of fun and I like PHE.” Zoey Gitonga

“I love reading. My favourite book is little red riding hood and red is my favourite colour. Reading makes you smart and grow faster.” Adam Dhillo

“I like math because I’m so clever in math." Await Jusab

“I like doing maths because it helps you know about numbers.” Salim Mbete

“I love so many different things like sports, reading, writing. Sports is my favourite because it makes your muscles stronger.” Naill Chauhan