Girls basketball team retains county championship title | Aga Khan Academies

Girls basketball team retains county championship title

28 August 2022

The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa girls and boys basketball teams took part in the 3 day Secondary School games at Shimo la Tewa. Both teams will be playing in the National championships next month. The girls' team retained their Mombasa County Basketball Champions title for the 11th year running. Read more from the team captain, Grace Ogolla.


Through our experience, we know that winning a game can be easy but retaining a championship is a battle that requires discipline, dedication and passion. It is this belief that has enabled us to retain the Mombasa county basketball championship since the year 2011 to the current games in 2022.

Inevitably, our journey to attaining this year’s championship has been tough, mainly because of the difference in the IB and Kenyan education curricula. Which resulted in some of this year’s secondary school games taking place during our summer holiday. However, the school's undying support for our mission as the school basketball team was exhibited through their accommodation for student basketballers, who in return portrayed their passion for the sport through their willingness to cut short their holiday and come to prepare for the basketball tournament. 

We maximized every minute of our training by ensuring that every dribble, every lay-up and every drop of sweat, increased our hunger for this year’s Mombasa county basketball championship. Sure enough, our unwavering dedication and hard work paid off, with us being crowned yet again, as the Mombasa girls’ basketball champions 2022. Now as we prepare for the regionals, we are more than ready to face the tough battle that awaits us. For we believe that a dedicated and disciplined team has the power to give life to any mission and vision. This will be proven true very soon when we are crowned as the national champions of the Kenya Secondary Schools basketball tournament.