Floodlights launched with an explosion of colour | Aga Khan Academies

Floodlights launched with an explosion of colour

13 September 2022

On the evening of September 9 the residential community held Colour Run to celebrate the launch of the new floodlights in the field. The floodlights increase the area available for sports and residential activities such as bucketball and capture the flag to take in the evening. 

“I believe having floodlights at the field is a fantastic idea. Floodlights consistently manage to unite our neighbourhood and are always full of wonderful experiences and wonderful memories,” said Grade 10 student Micah Adriko, who lives in Tsavo house. Fellow Tsavo house resident, Abraham Mugagga added, “there is now an additional space to astro-turf and it’ll be such a fun new experience for everyone.”

Arya Abdul, Residential captain in Nzoia House, adds on to the excitement of the residential community being able to participate in more activities. “It’s great that we have floodlights on the pitch as we are able to host all-time favourite soccer competitions, team-building sports such as our Academy residential tradition Bucketball, have more color runs as well as play other exciting games that bring our residential community together as one large family.”