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Faith Ronald: Studying Psychology at Concordia

29 July 2021

Faith Ronald has been accepted to Concordia University in Canada to pursue a degree in Psychology and is a recipient of the Aga Khan Academies  – Concordia University Scholarships. Through a special partnership with Concordia University, four scholarships are awarded to graduating students from the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa and the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad each year. Recipients of this prestigious scholarship are high-performing students who exemplify the standards, values and principles of the Aga Khan Academies.

Commenting on this incredible opportunity, Faith said: “I am extremely grateful for being offered this life-changing chance to expand my academic and personal horizons.”

Faith joined the Academy in 2015 through the Talent Identification Programme (TID), which provides exceptional students an international-standard education and leadership opportunities, regardless of their ability to pay. During her six years at the Academy, Faith said she learnt how to be outgoing as well as the significance of community service and stewardship. True to form, she initiated two projects, Beehive 101 and Tusome, which both aimed to provide quality educational opportunities to children from underserved families. She honed her leadership skills as a Residential Captain and team player for TEDxYouth@AKAMombasa and the DoMore 2021 Fundraiser. Moreover, she took part in several sporting activities such as athletics, basketball, netball, and football.

Excited about the start of a new chapter in her life, Faith said she is grateful for the learning experiences at AKA Mombasa. "In the last six years, the Academy has taught me that no height is too high and no obstacle is too hard when you soar with your own wings. These ideals have provided me the chance to dream but most importantly to grow as a better individual. Hence, I thank the Academy for motivating me to always chase after my dreams and to always strive to better my community.