Exploring cultural exchange and innovation during the Inventors Fair | Aga Khan Academies

Exploring cultural exchange and innovation during the Inventors Fair

13 February 2023

The Inventors Fair marks the end of the Grade 8 unit “What happens when East meets West?” During the unit, students explore how a trade route connected people and cultures across continents. Their exploration includes the economic, cultural and religious interactions along the Silk road. They learn about the role of cross-cultural exchange in scientific advancements, as well as the challenges and opportunities that arise when different cultures and ways of thinking come together, which gives them a deeper understanding of globalisation, global interactions and their impacts.

During the Fair, students showcased their learnings on the segments of the Silk Road, significant individuals, inventions, architecture, cultures and belief systems along the Silk Road and how the Silk Road impacts the modern world through performances and an interactive exhibition.

Below is a poem written and performed by Grade 8 student, Atia Tendo.


They say it stretches 4000 miles

With great treasures stacked in piles

From the East to the West

Everyone has a request


Silk spices and tea

They all came from the Mediterranean Sea

We speak of the Silk Road

A path that traders overflowed


From China to Iran 

The silk road began

Civilizations come and go

That’s how the religions started to grow 


Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity

Each religion made up a part of humanity

Each temple a unique tapestry

Religions as prominent as the day

Followers unwavering as they say


Merchants marching with songs

All the travelers singing along

Harmonies played by hundreds of men

Every melody ending with amen