Excitement on campus as phased re-opening begins | Aga Khan Academies

Excitement on campus as phased re-opening begins

16 January 2021

On Thursday 7 January, the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa commenced in-person learning for the Junior School, with Year 1 and Year 4 students being welcomed onto campus. This marks the beginning of a phased reopening process for the school, which had previously held fully online instruction. 

“We are really excited, and looking forward to seeing all of them,” said Annia Dear, Junior School principal. “The health and safety of the kids and teachers are most important. Just making sure as they come in that they feel safe, and that the parents are comfortable and know their children are being well looked after.”  .

The campus has been outfitted with various protocols to ensure the safety of students and faculty, including social distancing, regular temperature checks, and mask-wearing. Teachers have also taken the initiative to craft guidelines specific to their class years.

“The Year 1 teacher, for example, has developed a code for the students. As soon as she says ‘social distancing,’ they all stand with their arms out. We are making it a bit of fun, but at the same time clarifying the seriousness of it as well,” noted Annia. 

The following Monday, 11 January, the Senior School joined the reopening effort, receiving Diploma Programme 1 and 2 students on campus. Many of the residential students had already returned to their dormitories the previous week, quarantining and isolating in their rooms until they could be confirmed COVID-19 negative and enter a residential bubble. 

Alongside normal safety protocols, Senior School staff also ensure that day and residential students maintain appropriate social distance. Even with the many changes to the normal routine, staff members are ready to dive in. “It is always exciting to embark on a new adventure,” said Francis Kariuki, Senior School principal. “Let us start this one with courage and joy.”

For the staff, the arrival of students is a long-awaited development, ending a period of inactivity on a usually lively campus. 

“We missed them dreadfully,” Annia said. “It is wonderful to see their faces.”