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DP art exhibition 2021

22 March 2021

Second year Diploma Programme (DP) students at AKA Mombasa held an art exhibition from 15 to 19 March 2021 to showcase the artwork collection that they have been working on during their two years in the DP. Held at Tamu balcony, the exhibition was open to other students, staff, and parents who were invited to celebrate the students’ achievements.

The beautiful showcase included paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs using distinct style choices, and explored themes such as love, beauty, nature, animals, self identity, womanhood and feminism.

Art teacher Hesborne Mosoti, who put together the event, described it as a journey that the art students share with others. “This is a moment for the art students to share their learning experiences throughout their two-year course in the DP with the school and community at large. It is truly a great and defining moment for all of them,” he said.

Sharing the creations and artistic intentions with their audiences, this is how the experience was for some of the students:

“This was a way for me to portray my artwork to the public for them to see my artistic vision and what I intended for my pieces.” - Joanne Ndagire

“The DP art exhibition is a platform for us to compile what we’ve been working on these past one and half years and show everyone what we’ve been working on, our talents, and share our stories through art.” - Shamma Doshi

Click here to see the exhibition