The AKA,Mombasa workshop on Understanding Dyslexia | Aga Khan Academies

The AKA,Mombasa workshop on Understanding Dyslexia

24 March 2009

Bringing up a dyslexic child is quite a challenge… teaching one is a challenge too… The Support Unit’s 4th workshop this term focused on Dyslexia – the understanding of, characteristics and attitudes towards it. Parents as well as teachers attended the workshop. A video clip from the movie, "Taare Zameen Par" (directed by Aamir Khan) set the stage for discussions centering on how to recognize, deal with and make accommodations for individuals with Dyslexia.

Some hands on activities like a quiz and word search got the participants thinking more deeply about their knowledge of dyslexia.
Feedback from participants highlighted the benefits of having the ‘know how’ of such things that could be affecting their children/students.

Our special thanks to presenters, Minal Shah & Pamela Ogega.