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AKA,Mombasa swimmers shine in South Africa

20 April 2010

A team of 8 swimmers from the Academy left Mombasa on March 24, 2010 as part of the Coast Amateur Swimming Association team for Level One South Africa National Gala held in Oudtshoorn near the town of George in the Cape Province. The team was made up of (see photo- Left to Right) Katie White, Mansur Khan, Shaan Vora Coach Ramadhan Vyombo, Urvi Dayal, Karan Kangram, Rohin Kanji, Payal Sandrani and Oliver Holding Fay (absent at the time of the photograph).

 Five swimmers made it for the finals in their events: Katie, Payal, Shaan, Oliver and Rohin.

The medalists were:
Oliver - 1 Silver, 2 Bronze
Rohin- 1 Bronze.

Coach Ramadhan travelled as one of the coaches selected by the Coast Amateur Swimming Association.