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AKA,Mombasa Student is awarded prestigious scholarship

11 April 2010

Harsev Oshan, a recent graduate of the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, was last week awarded with the University of British Columbia's International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship, one of only six awarded worldwide. The scholarship is worth approximately 2.3 Million Shillings in tuition fees and living expenses per annum. Harsev will be studying Political Science in a four year programme.

Impressively, in the same week, Harsev was also awarded a similarly valued scholarship for Trent University, also in Canada.

Head of Academy, Peter J. McMurray commented, “Harsev is a truly exceptional young man who wholly deserves this honor. In his time at the Academy, Harsev worked tirelessly in many community projects and he exhibited extraordinary leadership qualities in all with which he was involved as a student here. I know he will be highly successful in his future career.” This is not the first student from the Academy who has been awarded this scholarship. In 2008, Anoushka Rajan moved to UBC Vancouver with the same level of financial support. She is currently in her final year of a Mechanical Engineering degree.

When asked what he felt contributed to this success, Harsev replied, “The Academy’s support is just priceless. The connections I made through the Academy helped me in getting internships in organizations as big as Nation Media Group’s NTV Kenya and EMACK (Education for Marginalized Children in Kenya). It was my healthy portfolio of community service and internships that I believe played a huge role in my winning this award, not forgetting my teachers who guided me through to obtain my International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma. The fact is, I am determined and focused to become a journalist in my homeland, Kenya, and the Academy was always willing to support me in every possible way.”