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AKA Mombasa wins Mvita Sub-county swimming championship

02 March 2020

AKA Mombasa swimming team that competed at the Sub-county competition.AKA Mombasa swims its way to the top spot at Mvita Sub-county swimming championship held at Tudor on 29 February 2020.

The AKA Mombasa senior swim squad did exceptionally well at the competition out swimming their competitors in every event.

The girls’ team scored 199 points against Mama Ngina’s 60 points while the boys’ team garnered 132 points against Jaffrey Academy’s 109, Safina High’s 109, Aga Khan High’s 71, Allidina Visram’s 45, Tudor Day’s 33 and Mvita Boys’ 26 points.

The combined results saw AKA Mombasa leading total stand at 331 points.

"Our swim squad was outstanding in the Kenya Swimming Sub-county competition and everyone who participated made their way through to the County level," said AKA Mombasa swimming coach Marcelino Ngalioma. "I am particularly proud of the team achievement."

The following students’ efforts helped AKA Mombasa finish in first position:

Shekila Juma DP2 (team captain)

Dinisha D'Silva Y6

Salman Noormohamed Y6

Tatiana Lucas Y7

Atika Magotsi Y7

Joseph Mutegi Y7

Syed Mustafa Abdurrahman Y7

Reuben Monyo Y8

Zianna Alidina Y8

Syed Omer Abdurrham Y8

Kojo Kwame-Kumah Y9

Ayush Ranjan Y9

Laylaa Mabisi Y9

Khushbu Kotak DP1

Mansi Babla DP1

Melissa Van Nierkerk Y 7

AKA Mombasa will now proceed to the County-level swimming competition later this month.