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AKA, Mombasa Voices for Change Perform at Beyond Zero Campaign Launch

05 December 2014

On Saturday 29 November, the First Lady of Kenya Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta brought the Beyond Zero Campaign to Mombasa. The Campaign is a response to the tragic situation of infant and maternal mortality outcomes. According to a report by UNAIDS, fifteen women die every day due to pregnancy related complications in Kenya and 20% of all deaths among mothers in the country are AIDS-related.

The First Lady aims to reduce these statistics in time for the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. She has already opened fifteen mobile clinics all over the country, and initiated another one on this day in order to achieve better HIV control and promotion of maternal, newborn and child health in Kenya.

Our exceedingly talented Senior School Choir, the AKA, Mombasa Voices for Change, were specially invited to perform at this prestigious event in the presence of Mrs. Kenyatta herself, as well as several other high ranking officials. Led by our Choral Director, Mr. Philip Agutu, their voices cut crisply through the air at Treasury Square as they presented their own original compositions.

“The clinic will go a long way into improving maternal health and reducing mortality rates caused by diseases like AIDS,” says Mary Favour, one of the Diploma Programme Students in the Choir. “This is the beginning of the change we are trying to push for. Our hearts are filled with joy.”

We hope to see even more progress with the Beyond Zero Campaign and the launching of enough mobile clinics to significantly reduce the infant and maternal mortality rates, especially  of those due to  easily preventable causes. We also look forward to seeing our Choir perform at more of such worthy events.

To find out more about H.E. Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero Campaign, click here.

You can also follow our choir’s activity and upcoming events on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AKAMvoicesforchange).