AKA Mombasa hosts 10th annual Peace Summit | Aga Khan Academies

AKA Mombasa hosts 10th annual Peace Summit

01 April 2022

On. 24 and 25 March the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa hosted the annual Peace Summit with the theme “Recovering for an equitable and sustainable future”. As always, the DP1s spearheaded this event with the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, Maputo, and Nairobi joining as guests.

We were introduced to diverse topics ranging from the Rwanda Genocide to the degradation of the coral reefs, the Russia-Ukraine conflict to world hunger. Each topic provided meaningful facts, insights, and takeaways. The inference to make from each of the sessions is that they have helped us aim for and attain a more equitable society and sustainable future,” said Divya Jhampa, Grade 9 participant from AKA Hyderabad.

This year's guest speakers were Ms. Masami Saionji, author, World Peace award winner and the chairperson of the Goi Peace Foundation, Sister True Dedication, Zen Buddist nun, author and co-founder of the international Wake Up Movement and Dr. Anne Nyatichi a mitigation expert of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change roster of experts. 

The Summit provided an opportunity to a cohort of young enthusiastic peacebuilders to develop ideas and road maps to achieve sustainable goals and be advocates of peace in their communities.