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AKA, Mombasa’s First Expressions Festival Comes to Campus

05 December 2014

On Saturday 15th November the Academy held its first ever Expressions Festival. The event was organised by the Student Representative Council in order to promote appreciation for an expression of visual and performance art. The SRC’s Expression Rep, Rabia Dhanani, promised a better exposure to the expressive arts in her campaign for the position. Sure enough, the Expression Festival was her idea, born during this year’s SRC Retreat, and was in development since September.

The Festival included three dance workshops - one each for Indian, African and Hip Hop lessons; a workshop for theatre, as well as one for recycled art. The workshops were all student-led, and the Festival saw the attendance of students from all year groups in the Senior School.

The day began at around noon and ended at 4.30pm, with an exhibition of all the skills learned during the day’s workshop to round out the events. There were also fun games like Pictionary and karaoke to take part in, as well as an appearance by various CAS group stalls conducting fundraising for their respective projects. All in all, it was an engaging day for the Arts and we look forward to an even bigger Expressions Festival soon!