The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa Wins 2014 Cricket Tournament | Aga Khan Academies

The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa Wins 2014 Cricket Tournament

28 November 2014

On Saturday, 22nd November 2014, AKA, Mombasa hosted the 7th edition of the “AKA,Mombasa Under 11 Boys Cricket Tournament”. The visiting schools that took part in the tournament were Oshwal Academy (Mombasa), Braeburn (Mombasa), Shree Swaminarayan Academy, Jaffery Academy, Kivukoni Academy, Light Academy. The matches were seven-aside and teams were devided into two pools: Pool “A” included AKA,Mombasa , Oshwal, Braeburn and Kivukoni; Pool “B” included Shree Swaminarayan, Jaffery Academy and Light Academy.

Our team was made up of Millind Kamdar (Captain), Khidhr Kotaria, Kush Majitia, Sahil Patel, Krish Patel, Luca Mancini, Lorenzo Mancini, Shayne Shah,Vishva Patel, Gurraj Bhamrah and Mohammed. We won all our group matches comfortably and were able to collect a maximum of 15 points, thus emerging as the winners in Pool “A”. Oshwal were 2nd, Braeburn 3rd and Kivukoni were 4th. In Pool “B”, Jaffery were placed 1st, Shree were 2nd and Light were 3rd.

In the 3rd position play-off, Shree Swaminarayan emerged as winners after defeating Oshwal Academy by scoring 52 runs with an over at hand after Oshwal Academy set a target of 51. In the final match of the tournament, The AKA,Mombasa team batted first and set a target of 51 run in six overs, which was hard for Jaffery to reach as they managed 39 runs. Thus, we were declared the winners of the tournament.