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The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa organises 10th annual Zawadi Bazaar

10 December 2019

More than 400 people from around Mombasa came to this fun-filled day where over 90 vendors sold various items, such as jewelry, clothing, food and more. Following the event, a concert was held at the Academy with performances by Nazizi, Anto Neo Soul, Omari on the Sax and many more, including performances by students.

“We are very pleased with the amazing turnout for this year’s Zawadi Bazaar,” said Head of Academy for AKA Mombasa Alison Hampshire. “This event is a perfect hands-on opportunity for all of our students to learn how businesses work and we are fortunate to be a part of a community of individuals around Mombasa who are very supportive of this unique opportunity for our students. We are also very grateful to our concert performers for their remarkable performances.

As part of the Year 9 and Year 10 curriculum, students at AKA Mombasa learn about entrepreneurship and the various aspects of owning your own business. Zawadi Bazaar was created to put the curriculum into action by having Year 9 and Year 10 students create and manage their own stalleither selling items or having interactive activities. Students from all year levels are also welcome to have their own stall at Zawadi Bazaar, along with staff members. In addition, the event invites vendors from around Mombasa to sell their products and services, which allows the students to network with local businesses and learn more about entrepreneurship. This year, vendors such as Milio’s Pizza, Imani Collectives, Kericho Gold, Temptations Ice CreamGo GreenOriss Natural Vedic and more were seen on Saturday.

Zawadi Bazaar is good for the students to get to know different ways of entrepreneurship,” said Jane Kanini, a representative from Kericho Gold. “I think it's very important to come out today and showcase our products. The students get to learn about branding, how marketing is done and more.

Along with teaching students about entrepreneurship, Zawadi Bazaar also contributes to the Academy’s Service Learning programme, which involves Academy students from Year 6 to Year 10 working with local schools or organisations on various initiatives, such as literacy programmes, self-confidence workshops and more. All proceeds collected at Zawadi Bazaar are put into the Academy’s Citizenship Fund, which enables our students to expand and further develop their Service Learning projects with their community partners. 

“This experience builds on our skills to actually handle money or a business, as well as our marketing and collaboration skills,” said Year 10 student Simran Charaniya, who had a stall selling kitenge fanny packs with her peers. “Although this is part of our curriculum, we were able to really build bonds with our team membersand the external vendors and sell our product.”

Zawadi Bazaar is just one of the outreach initiatives taking place at AKA Mombasa hoping to foster increased engagement with the local community for the future.

As part of the Bazaar, a raffle was orgnaizsed the the Parents Association. Congratulations to the winners:

Msambweni Beach House – Paul Davis

Serena Beach Resort – Jimnah Kimani

Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa – Sakina Hassanali

Turtle Bay Beach Hotel – Sideeka Rashid

Southern Palms – Rukaiya Devani

Kenya Bay – Esohe Idemudia

Bahari Beach Hotel – Shouquot Hussain

Royal Court Hotel – Miss. Ruth

Kitchen Bistro – Rukaiya Devani

MNK Café – Michelle N

East African Glassware Mart – Winnie M, Christine Akeno, Mary Nyandieke, Akila Satter

Soapstone sculpture – Ric Faulkner

Oil diffuser – Yasmin Saajid

Hot pot – Jumna Boda

Cakeology – Aiman Jaffary, Rahma Ahmed

Petro Oil fuel voucher – Anil Dodhia

Nyali Cinemax – Sam Caras

Dr. Chef – Leela Patel

Talio – Jumana Boda

Wild Waters – Yvonne Mulla, Tess Moolraj, Benson Wafula

Alyaana Salon – Sideeka Rashid, Nazlin Jamal, Khona

Sunrise rice – Fatma Pasta, Renuka Bhagani, Lin Robbin

Combrok Tea & Alibhai Ramji tea hamper – Paul Davis, Wahid Fazal, Tess Moolraj, Annia Dear

Stavros Restaurant and Ree’s Bite – Akila Sattar

Sams Cake – Escohe Idemudia, Doreen Janga

Bluetooth cap – Zarina H.

Prizes can be collected from Ms. Rebecca Davis at Junior School