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The Academy tops in Athletics for the 4th time

14 April 2010

On Saturday, March 13, AKA, Mombasa hosted the 4th edition of its Invitational Junior Athletics Championships. Five schools accepted the invitation; AKA,Mombasa, Coast Academy, Oshwal Academy, Shree Swaminarayan Academy and Jaffery Academy. The schools competed in three categories under 8 , under 10 and the under 12 categories for both the boys and the girls.For the 4th year running the Aga Khan Academy emerged the overall winners.

Overall rankings:
The Aga Khan Academy,Mombasa – 504 points
Oshwal Academy Mombasa – 410 points
Shree Swaminrayan Academy – 366 points
Jaffery Academy - 340 points
Coast Academy - 237 points.

The AKA under-12 team emerged first in their category after collecting a total of 188 points. This is the fourth time that the team has won the trophy. Second were Shree Swaminarayan with 152 points, third were Oshwal Academy with 136 points, followed by Jaffery and Coast Academies with 128 and 80 points respectively. Our team collected a total of 9 first positions, 7 second positions and 2 third positions in a total of 18 events. Thus every team member was able to get to the podium. The boys collected a total of 91 points and the girls a total of 97 points. The boys winners were: Tahir Said-100m hurdles; Saul Wanagwe-200m; Martyn Matiba- Long Jump; Martyn Matiba, Joseph Masaba, Saul Wanangwe and Juneid Bawazir – 4 x 200m relay. The girls winners were; Rachael Ayugi-400m; Lazeen Koorjee 200m; Jacqueline Janicke - Long Jump; Rachael ,Jacqueline, Twahida Omar and Lazeen - 4 x 200m, and Aika Patel, Twahida Omar, Megan White and Saskia Macharia – 4 x 100m Relay.

The under -10 team copied the effort of the under -12s and produced superb performances to emerge the winners in their category after garnering a total of 192 points. The boys got 99 while the girls got 93 points. The boys team won a total of 6 events i.e. Lando Otieno in 100m and Long Jump, Dev Hirani in Ball Throw, Isaac Dudi in 50m, Lando, Isaac, Omar and Dev in 4 x100m relay. Abdalla Maawiy, Ahmed Abbas, Paul Mugo and Nihal Shavdia in 4 x 50m relay. The Girls team won 5 events i.e. Ruth Olan’g in 200m and Long Jump, Katie White in Ball Throw, Vivian Munga’ro Ruth Olan’g, Katie White and Nikita Gyssler in 4 x 100m. Stacy Deche, Samara Dainty, Nikita Gyssler and Ruth Olan’g in 4 x 50m relay. In the under 10’s Oshwal Academy was 2nd with 155 points while Shree Swaminarayan Academy was 3rd with 118 points, Jaffery Academy and were 4th and 5th with 111 and 109 points respectively. In the 18 events our team won a total of 11, and came second in 3 events, third in 2 events and fourth in two events. The team captains were Ruth Olan’g and Lando Otieno. The two were exceptional in that they led from the front and won in all the events that they took part in The team took a clean sweep of all the four relay events in their categories. 

After losing the trophy to Oshwal Academy last year, the Under 8’s team finally recaptured it back this time around after collecting 125 points. Oshwal were second with 119 points ahead of Jaffery Academy who got 101 points. Shree Swaminarayan and Coast Academy got 96 and 48 points to emerge fourth and fifth respectively. Our team was captained by Dennis Wafula and Zosi Wamwachai and made up of the following students: Zosi Wamwachai, Alisha Varia, Sarrah Ibrahmji, Valerie Musyoki, Jessica Newton, Dennis Wafula, Abdulhaleem Mabisi, Imran Ebrahim, Muhib Khamisa and George Kithi. In this age category we produced the best boy in Dennis Wafula who won in Long Jump and also in 200m with big margins.